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Secret proposal London captured by two photographers

A surprise proposal photo shoot with David and Rebecca

We often hear of our couples’ wedding proposal stories but we haven’t been there to hear the words ‘yes.’ Well, for this couple we were in on it for a surprise proposal photo shoot between our hopeful groom to be David, and our bride to be Rebecca. Spoiler – she said yes!

David, from Texas, got in touch looking for a proposal photographer, as he was wanting to surprise Rebecca while they were on a trip to London to see her British family. He wanted to capture the marriage proposal in London by having us secretly there!

Proposal and engagement shoot in LondonSurprise proposal photoshoot in London

On the day Tom and I were SO nervous! Our hearts were leaping out of our chests. We of course feel the pressure (and excitement) at every wedding we shoot, but this was a totally different kettle of fish. Firstly we needed to be incognito, pretending to be tourists taking pictures of the birds and scenery, so we didn’t give the game away to Rebecca. Secondly, what if we missed the proposal?!

We made sure to organise all the finer details with David in advance, having a video call with him to learn more about him and Rebecca. Then as the day came together we confirmed timings and which areas we needed to be in. David sent us photos of the both of them and told us what they would both be wearing on the day. Very important so we could spot them in the crowd!

Tom was in charge of taking the long shots, and I the close ups. This is the beauty of having the two of us around; we were able to get all the action from two different angles, whilst pretending to be two different people hanging out taking pictures.

After strolling around the area in question, David and Rebecca walked right past Tom, who have me a beep on my hidden walkie talkie to signal GAME ON. David arrived at the spot he wanted to propose – we held our breath for him. Just as we saw that he dropped down on one knee, I quickly started to move closer to capture Rebecca’s reaction. As she said yes I quickly scooted in to grab the close up! It was so exciting!

Proposal photoshoot in LondonSurprise proposal photoshoot - Rebecca and David in LondonSurprise proposal photoshoot in LondonProposing to someone - London photoshootHow he asked - proposal photoshoot

I was amazed Rebecca did not notice me moving in closer to shoot, until David turned and introduced me to Rebecca with a simple ‘oh and this is Lina!’ She looked so surprised but also delighted. All I wanted to do was hug this gorgeous girl who I’d just met!

How he asked - proposal photoshootHow he asked - proposal photoshoot

What a moment, neither Tom nor I have felt anything like it on a shoot. After all the anticipation and excitement, our couple went for a celebratory drink and we went for a coffee nearby – mainly just to calm down from the goosebumps! We were so happy for them, and that it worked out for David.

London engagement shootLondon engagement shoot

It was such a privilege to be there when Rebecca said yes; our hearts were so full for the next few days.

The advantage of booking a proposal photographer for your proposal is that you can then turn it into an engagement shoot, straight away. We met up with David and Rebecca again a little later, and took them for a wonderful engagement shoot in Central London. It was fun capturing their newly engaged glow as Rebecca asked David about all the planning he expertly kept secret.

Central London Engagement ShootLondon proposal photographerCentral London Engagement ShootSouth Bank engagementLondon proposal photographer

It was a super special day for all involved, and we are so pleased David contacted us. We wish them so much happiness for the future together! Let us know if you are planning a proposal, as we’d love to be your proposal photographer too!

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