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Because capturing these moments matters
Capturing the personality of your furry friends
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let us Capture special memories with the ones most precious to you, furry ones included!

These moments matter.

Family photography is a wonderful way to capture the precious moments of your loved ones. It’s a chance to freeze time and remember the special bonds that you share. And when it comes to family photography in Hertfordshire and beyond, we are your dream team.

We’re are award-winning photographers who specialise in capturing natural and candid moments. We have a knack for putting our clients at ease, from Lina’s children’s tv presenter-esque faces your kids will love, to Tom’s giggle when your dog tries to kiss the lens, which results in stunning photos that truly capture the essence of your family and furry friends.

If there is one thing we have all learnt over the last few years, is that capturing these moments matters.


Lifestyle photo shoots we happily offer include:

  • Family Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Special Occasions such as birthday parties, anniversary dinners, family gatherings
  • Couple and Engagement Photography

    Whilst we are a family photographer Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire we will also travel across London and the South East for your lifestyle photographer needs.


Yes! We love shooting any celebration whether it’s family portraits before a dinner or a full on party night! We can adapt our package to suit your coverage needs.

Having a baby is such a magical time, we have chosen to offer newborn and young baby photography exclusively to our wedding photography clients. However, if you have a baby older than six months that you want to be part of a general family photo shoot, rather than the main subject, we will happily capture them!

A typical family shoot doesn’t need two photographers, but we will usually both attend as it’s brilliant to have one of us ‘focus pull’ for those family portraits (and toddlers do seem to love Lina’s face!)

No! This was the old portraiture model that is used across high streets in those very white background photo companies… We will actually charge you a higher shoot fee that pays for our time and expertise as award-winning photographers of over fifteen years experience, and allow you keep a larger collection of fully edited images, much like our wedding photography approach.

Amazing, congratulations! We offer our wedding clients an exclusive collection of packages starting from maternity through to newborn and beyond the first birthday, to capture this next adventure on your journey. Get in touch today for our special brochure.

We are more than happy to come to a personal or holiday home for your photo shoot indoors. Outdoor shoots tend to work better with children and pets in our opinion, it’s great to get them running around. But if you have very young children or elderly family members, coming to a home environment can be less stressful for everyone.

Any! We have photographed horses, dogs, cats, dwarf hedgehogs, bunnies, reptiles… Any animal deserves to be captured!

Yes! A photo shoot gift voucher is such a thoughtful gift, we offer vouchers for any monetary value you like or for a specific photoshoot. Get in touch to find out more.

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