Italian Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom
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Italian Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom

“ If Lina and Tom are not available for your wedding date, we would suggest you move your wedding date. ”

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Luxury destination weddings, adventurous elopements and extraordinary events filled with love and a party spirit, captured by us.

We are an epic wedding photography husband and wife team of adventure seekers and moment keepers, for lovers and ravers all over the world.

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Chances are you’re here because something wonderful is happening to you and you’ve found us!

We’re one of Europe’s leading husband and wife photography teams, shooting exclusively together since 2009.

Currently based in the UK but travelling all over Europe and Worldwide, we specialise in documentary-led vibrant wedding photography and in particular the energy of multi-day destination weddings. We don’t just shoot how it looks; we show you how it felt: from the moment you take the exciting first few steps up that aisle, to the spicy buzz of that tequila shot hours later. If your wedding is a beautiful mountain-top elopement or an opportunity for an epic gathering surrounded by the love and laughter of your friends and family, we’ll go anywhere for you.

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Check out our three days of adventures on the stunning Greek island of Santorini with the awesome humans who are Tori + Ben

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