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When we say an exclusive partnership, we’re referring to a relationship which started way back in 2007, when Lina was in a London career which saw her direct and produce theatre whilst Tom was cutting his teeth as a graphic designer and commercial photographer. We bonded over a love of similar music and eating all the food. We’ve had the best job in the world since 2009, and after getting engaged under the northern lights in Iceland in 2014 we’d had our own wedding day by the end of the year. 

We’re at our happiest travelling and discovering new cultures, with a particular penchant for snow, and we’ve taken it up a level and started snowboarding. When not travelling or trying as many Michelin starred restaurants as we can, we live in a country cottage not too far from London, with our two cats Mia and Loki. With Lina being Italian, our second ‘home’ is Italy and we hope to spend even more time there over the coming years. 

We are proud to be recognised as one of the leading husband and wife destination wedding photographers, with numerous international awards and calls to give expert talks. Of course with huge thanks to our awesome clients who give us this amazing career!

Such is the strength of our connection that we do not offer our clients the opportunity of booking our ‘team’ instead of us; we are an exclusive partnership who can only truly bring the Lina & Tom experience to your wedding, and your memories deserve nothing less. For larger weddings we bring extra trusted members to our team but you will always have Lina and Tom as your experienced and award-winning lead photographers.


Per la fotografia di matrimonio in Italia siamo orgogliosi di essere riconosciuti come uno dei fotografi di matrimoni originali ed eminente marito e moglie, con numerosi premi internazionali e chiamate a tenere conferenze di esperti. Il nostro lavoro è creato dal nostro legame; ci fidiamo e ci conosciamo a fondo, il che si traduce in un’esperienza e fiducia senza precedenti in ciò che produciamo per i nostri fantastici clienti. Per questo motivo, abbiamo dovuto rendere l’esperienza Lina + Tom un’esclusiva piuttosto che espanderci in una squadra seguendo una guida su come fotografare come noi. Proprio come non ci sono altri te, non ci sono altri noi.

Lina Orsino Allen Wedding Photographer



Although physically born in the UK, Italian national Lina is a Napolitana through and through, after spending much of her childhood with her grandparents on a farm up a mountain in southern Italy. The result of this is a passion for mountains, food, animals and lots of hand gestures. She loves to capture intimate connections between couples, that moment when they can just ‘be’ in each other’s arms. All this connection to nature has resulted in a love of lunar living as an adult, to the point where she even coaches others, and her absolute favourite feeling is stepping off a plane and feeling the warm air hit your face. She also loves to dance. Keep her topped up with Gin, Lindor chocolate and regular visits to the ocean and she’s in a good place.

Tom in The Maldives



A shy teenager, Tom found solace in his Canon AE-1 gifted to him by his granddad, and whilst he definitely is the quieter of the partnership, a couple of gins and some funky beats will see Tom tearing up the dancefloor. Getting out into the countryside on two wheels is the perfect place for him to relax, but that fast metabolism makes for a big appetite. Thankfully he married an Italian. His former career as a graphic designer results in a love of a graphical approach to photography and use of space and colour. The relaxing sound of cicadas at night will lull him into a happy place, although equally a good strong cup of tea and a biscuit or two with a cat on his lap will also do.

We are proud to be recognised as one of the original and leading husband and wife wedding photographers, with numerous international awards and calls to give expert talks. Most recently we were awarded the UK’s Best Wedding Photographer in the Bridelux /  RSVP Wedding Awards – voted for by members of the luxury and UHNW wedding industry.

Our work is created by our bond; we trust and know each other inside out, resulting in an unparalleled experience and confidence in what we produce for our awesome clients. For this reason, we had to make the Lina + Tom experience an exclusive one rather than expand to a team following a guide on how to shoot like us. Just like there is no other you, there is no other us.

You’ll find many couples now working as teams in the wedding photography industry these days, yet we have photographed together from day one and neither one of us is the lead. With Lina +Tom you get two internationally award-winning photographers in our own right as the perfect team – not a marketing afterthought. 


We have nothing but gratitude for this wonderful career taking us all over the world as a husband and wife team, travelling together and enjoying the beauty, locations, food and general incredible experiences our wonderful clients give us. But it’s not lost on us that whilst weddings in our world are incredible experiences full of memories, this can’t be said for all weddings across the world.

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A child just became a bride.

12 million girls a year, some as young as 8 become child brides – 1 in 5 globally before they are 18. That’s where VOW For Girls comes in and why we are proud to be a VOW Pro. For every wedding booking we take we donate on your behalf so that a girl can stay in school and fall in love on her own terms.

As a company that celebrates love, we’re proud to support VOW for Girls so that every girl has the chance to live a life she loves. 100% of the funds raised by VOW for Girls are invested in underfunded local efforts that advance girls’ rights by providing education, job training, and vital life skills, so girls can own their futures.

For more information on VOW, visit or follow @vowforgirls on social

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We love to travel, and we love to take photographs, here is just a selection of travel photography from our many travels around the world, taking in the amazing global sights and cultures of places such as the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Greece, Argentina, Ecuador, Scandinavia, the Amazon and many locations in the US such as Nevada and Yosemite National Park


We’ve always loved dance music and in lockdown really missed dancing alongside our clients when shooting their dancefloors. So we got some decks and started a disco in our office, complete with mirror ball. We discovered we weren’t bad at all and now stream DJ sets on the live streaming platform Twitch! 

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