We’re wedding photographers who love moments
big or small

From the morning preparations for both of you to throwing shapes on the dancefloor – we’ll capture the real moments of your day and night.

It’s always been that way since the very beginning for us, who first said that a wedding coverage could end at the first dance? Who decided what came after, all those utterly joyful moments away from the formalities, wasn’t worth capturing?


We shoot how it feels, not just how it looks

Every single wedding we photograph is totally unique because of the awesome clients who choose us and their own individuality.

We welcome all orientations, ethnicities and religions, what matters to us is that you let us in to experience your love and beautiful moments. 

You plan to only do this once, right?

So we know what a big deal it is that you put your faith in us as your wedding photographer.

You trust us to understand you; trust that we’ll capture amazing moments, trust we’ll edit and store your images properly and trust that we’ll be safeguarding your amazing memories for decades to come.

We’re honoured that wedding planners and events professionals trust us with their exclusive clients too.



This trust is key for us in allowing your personality to shine through by capturing natural moments – and that’s so important, whether it’s for couple portraits or grandma in the corner swigging her G ‘n’ T.

The joy in our work is bringing out those family traits and quirks – something you’ll immediately recognise in the photos, yet we’re not trying too hard to be funny or quirky or shoehorning in gimmicks.


Our approach is true to you and the moment.


Such is the strength of our partnership, we do not offer one of us for a wedding. Even the couples who have booked us as elopement photographers will tell you the power of two! And plenty of solo photographers will say one is all you need, but in reality, you get much more coverage of all those moments you’d miss with two, without having someone running around the place.

This is an issue which many British photographers will be ignoring but it’s not an issue for us as we’re European nationals.

We understand the value in your photographer covering all your pre and post wedding events for consistency, so we offer a date holding fee for weddings that are going through the booking process, which then become part of the event fee or if events don’t happen are not billed, but only if confirmed by a certain date or if we can rebook the date.

We believe in quality not quantity and there are many factors such as size and location, whether it is single or multi day which can make a difference in the final numbers. We tend to shoot in excess of 10,000 images between us, which usually results in circa 10% being delivered as finals. We experiment throughout the day so we delete duplicates, things that didn’t work out or if we’ve caught you in a less than flattering angle.

The images are delivered in an online password protected gallery for you to download as much as you wish, and you get a private view before they are opened up for you to share with your guests, who can then buy prints if they wish.

Of course. Group photos are the perfect way to capture all your loved ones in at least one place during the wedding, and these are the pictures that tend to span generations. We just do them quickly and in a relaxed more informal manner – especially if we’re in 35 degree heat!

In almost 400 weddings we have never missed one due to illness as we take care of ourselves particularly in the height of the season. However should this happen we have spent years building an extensive network of equally brilliant photographers to make sure your wedding was covered.

We only shoot photos and here’s why: the growth in DSLR cameras that can film in 4k has seen many photographers add video to their repertoire, but it’s usually a bit of an afterthought to be all things. Shooting video is an artform in itself and we want to leave it to those who have mastered the craft. If you would like to have a videographer, book us and we can introduce you to videographers we work with regularly and most importantly, in harmony with. It’s very important your photographer and videographers are of the same style and ethos. Above all we both love photography so much, neither one wants to leave it behind!

All our fees include our travel and accommodation. When we learn about your location and plans our quote will include this so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Typically we add £500 to our standard fees for Europe and £1000 for the rest of the world. Just book and we’ll be there!

Due to our limited availability each year we can cannot hold dates without an official booking but feel free to contact us for our brochure in the meantime

Make sure you have contacted us to check our availability, and then we would jump on a call (or if you’re near Herts/London let’s meet for a drink) to have a chat. Rather than just book in anyone willing to pay the booking fee, we prefer to chat first as this is the start of our journey with you, which is why you see the trust and connection we have with our clients through our images. Then we take a circa 20% booking fee and start getting excited with you.

We split the remaining balance into two payments, one half way through and one around 6 weeks before your wedding day.

On the wedding day itself, our coverage is unlimited, we’ve never believed in set hour packages as who are we to decide what is worth covering at your wedding? Our clients love that we are right there enjoying the dancefloor with you. For smaller weddings or elopements we will work with you to determine if there are specific hours, but generally we keep shooting whilst we feel there are memories to capture. When shooting a rehearsal dinner as part of a destination wedding abroad, we would usually cover around 3-4 hours, but again it depends on what you are doing.


As for food, we do appreciate being fed whilst you are eating as we won’t photograph people eating. This is because our hours tend to be longer than most, so a good meal will keep us going. We don’t want to be having to leave your wedding at any point to grab something to eat, we would worry about missing something!

Yes we are fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, as well as any necessary travel insurance. We do recommend all our clients get their own event insurance too to prepare for any eventuality.

The joy of modern weddings is that no two are the same, therefore we prefer to gain as much information about the event before confirming our rate.  We have special rates for elopements and intimate weddings too, please give details on enquiry.

Just get in touch and we can talk through whatever you need.

We only shoot a limited number of weddings a year so don’t delay in finding out why we are the perfect choice for you.

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