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Granary Estates Wedding Photography | Andy + Suz

Arriving for a day of Granary Estates wedding photography is the equivalent of a great hug from an old friend. We shot our first wedding at the Newmarket wedding venue in 2014; a last minute booking as our couple had been let down by their original choice of photographer, and it was a wonderful sunny day. Since then we’ve returned many a time to this fantastic barn venue and are honoured to be on their recommended wedding supplier list. Yet with us returning often to a venue doesn’t mean we can be complacent with our photography, rather we see it as more important to create wedding photography that truly reflects the couple. We don’t have check lists of where to shoot and shots that we recreate, it’s all about the personality and love of the two very special people in front of us.

Granary Estates Wedding Photographer
Granary Barns Newmarket
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Granary Estates wedding photography

A chilled out morning

This was always going to be the way with Suz and Andy. They first saw us in action at Hayley and Matt’s relaxed winter wedding in the Cotswolds, and thought our hands off approach might right for them. These two just wanted to have a fun day with great food, drink and all their loved ones around them. Whilst the chaps entertained the (many!) little ones, hair and make-up moved at a relaxed pace in the on-site cottages with Ashley Kay Gifford. The sun shone brightly all morning, which made for some gorgeous shots before nerves kicked in for the ceremony.

Granary Estates wedding photography
Bride prep Granary Estates
Granary Estates Wedding Photography
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Granary Estates wedding photography
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Granary Estates wedding photography
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The time is now

As the ceremony was about to start, Suz, clinging tightly to her dad in her beautiful Bride’s Desire wedding gown, was overcome with emotion, another one of those heart-stopping moments for a documentary wedding photographer when you could just stop and start crying yourself but you have to capture the moment. Andy looked so proud as their daughter and all the other little ones came up the aisle. Then Suz’s nervous tears turned to huge smiles when her and Andy locked eyes. This is undoubtedly our favourite part of a wedding for sure.

Granary Estates wedding photography
Granary Estates wedding photography
Granary Estates wedding photography
Granary Estates Wedding Photography
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Granary Estates wedding photography

From the heart

As if the ceremony needed any more emotion, Andy wrote a poem dedicated to Suz and their daughter which was then read out by the best man’s young daughter, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The confetti exit which is such a fun part of Granary Estates wedding photography soon followed to re-address the balance and remind everyone it was time for fun!

With Suz and Andy being self confessed foodies, the wedding was a series of meals spaced out by a marriage, which is an EXCELLENT way to plan a wedding. Keep your guests well fed and watered and they will be talking about how awesome your wedding was for years. This is in fact one of our ten top tips for your wedding day. As well as canapes, they had a gorgeous grazing table by catering team Hall and Co.

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Granary Estates Wedding Photography
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Granary Estates Wedding Photography

Golden grandeur

The wedding was a relaxed affair, but that didn’t mean thought hadn’t gone into the decor. Suz absolutely loves dinosaurs, and the dinosaur figures sprayed gold alongside the beautiful golden goblet style displays from Blooms and Flowers. Some of the couples favourite restaurants made up the table names. We absolutely loved this look which gives some fab gold wedding inspiration.

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Granary Estates Wedding Photography

Emotional speeches

As the guests had been nicely sated with canapes, grazing tables and ice cream, the couple opted for speeches before dinner. Although not long, the speeches were highly emotional for everyone, including us! It’s hard not to feel the emotion when shooting the speeches, and you look down the lens at people, so it feels hyper real. Suz kicked things off and it’s always great to see a bride give a speech, happily an increasing part of the wedding day.

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Sunset strolls

The end of the meal was perfectly timed for us to take our couple off for some portraits in the sunshine before the party kicked off. Having danced all night at our own wedding, we avoid taking couples off the dancefloor if they are going to be partying hard (standard.) We do research golden hour and sunset time in adance of your wedding day so we can fully plan our two sets of couple shots with you.

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Time to party

After a very excitable cake cut, it was time to hit the dancefloor. First dances with confetti cannons are just the BEST, and they are a standard feature at the Granary Estates. Combined with the gorgeous twinkle of Hall and Co’s fairy light canopy and the dancefloor was looking magical. Rather than the dancefloor be an end-of-the-shift coverage for a wedding photographer, we come in to our own at this time of the evening. We are for lovers and ravers after all. We put a huge amount of effort into our lighting and shooting of the party in our wedding photography and are right there in the dancefloor with you, and with these guys we had a blast.

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Granary Estates Wedding
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Granary Estates Wedding Photography
Granary Estates Wedding Photography
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Granary Estates Wedding Photography

We have to make a special mention for this shot of Andy, loving life and his wedding to the fullest, love it!

Happy Groom Granary Barns
Sparklers wedding photo

The night ended with a proper sparkler send off, the guests waved Andy and Suz off as the wandered back down to the cottage at the end of the night, a gorgeous way to round off their Granary Estates wedding photography story.



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