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Creative Engament Shoot in Amsterdam

Blossom and Tulips: Spring Engagement Destination Photography in Amsterdam

Carrie and Leo’s Amsterdam engagement shoot is the second part of a tale of two cities, first a discovery day in London, followed by the spectacular city of Amsterdam. Get ready for some incredible architecture, public art, canals and, of course, tulips! (Don’t forget to catch up on our London adventures too…) 

Carrie and Leo Amsterdam engagement shoot Mirror sculpture Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum pre-wedding shoot

Awesome art

Carrie and Leo are lucky enough to divide their time between London and Amsterdam, both of these incredible cities are home to them. For part two of their pre wedding shoot they wanted to create memories of the Amsterdam’s iconic canals, beautiful architecture and the countryside too.

Amsterdam engagement shoot Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographers Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum pre wedding shoot

They were happy for us to plan the Amsterdam engagement shoot, so did plenty of research beforehand, arriving a day early to scope out the city. Amsterdam is full of unique public art, none more so than at the Stedelijk Museum – it’s dedicated to contemporary art both inside and out. We love their mirrored walls! This part of the day was so much fun, you can get so creative in these spaces. We love the series of Carrie and Leo tucked into a towering copper sculpture which shot from the other side looked like they were about to be beamed up to space!

Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographersEngagement photography in Amsterdam Pre-wedding shoot in AmsterdamRijksmuseum Amsterdam - wedding photography Rijksmuseum engagement shoot

We also took the more traditional city tour – exploring the Rijksmuseum, the canals and towering, narrow Dutch houses. This is a city that our couple know really well, so we wanted to capture that feeling of home. We photographed them at the famous I Heart Amsterdam sign – which is now no longer there – and captured a moment in time.

Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographers Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographers

Tulips of Amsterdam

Next up it was venturing outside the city to a secret location we had not planned, this was all Leo’s doing, all we knew was that there would be tulips…

Carrie and Leo's Amsterdam pre-wedding photography Amsterdam engagement shoot with Lina and Tom Amsterdam tulip photography - engagement shoot

You can hardly go to the Netherlands in the spring and not see the tulips, can you? But it must be rare to have free rein in a tulip field and boy did we make the most of it! The weather was just perfect so we spent a good while taking photos bursting with colour. This is certainly where Carrie and Leo’s choice of photographer came in, choosing us because of our real colour style – can you imagine these fields muted by a trendy filter – it would be a crying shame we tell you!

tulip field in amsterdam - engagement photography Amsterdam tulip photography - engagement shoot Amsterdam tulip photography - engagement shoot Tulip field Instagram photography - engagement shoot Tulip field Instagram photography - engagement shoot

Just as Carrie and Leo made the clever choice to wear bright yellow for their London engagement shoot strolling around the urban landscape,  for their Amsterdam engagement shoot they chose white, which perfectly makes them stand out in the field of colour. We love their more casual approach to their outfits too, this way we could focus on their relationship not their clothes, and the adorable sweater and jeans combo meant they could lark about until their hearts were content, and we’re very glad they did!

Tulip field Instagram photography - engagement shootTulip field Instagram photography - engagement shoot


We returned to the city just in time for golden hour, taking a walk up and down the canals in stunning light before heading indoors for a restorative bowl of ramen together!

Amsterdam canals - engagement shoot ideasAmsterdam pre-wedding photoshoot with Lina and Tom Amsterdam pre-wedding photoshoot with Lina and Tom Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographersAmsterdam pre-wedding photoshoot with Lina and Tom    Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographers Pre-wedding photography in Amsterdam - Holland wedding photographers

By the end of this wonderful day we were chatting away like old friends, Carrie and Leo have the same love of travel that we do and we got on like a Dutch houseboat on fire! We loved exploring their two favourite cities and we’re so glad to be part of their engagement shoot.

Thank you for taking us on a journey, Carrie and Leo!

Cute Amsterdam engagement shoot

Amsterdam engagement shoot

Tulip field Instagram photography - engagement shoot

After this awesome shoot we stayed in Amsterdam for the infamous King’s Day celebration and to discover more of this fantastic city, so stay tuned for more of our Amsterdam travel photography. We went straight on to Zurich for another awesome engagement shoot abroad – hold tight for that one soon!

For more engagement shoot inspiration catch up on the first part of our adventure with Carrie and Leo in London. #adventurewithus

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