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How to wall mount Z906 speakers
A Simple Solution

z906 Speaker Mount options



If like me you have just purchased the Z906 5.1 surround sound speaker system, there’s a chance you’ve thought about wall mounting them to either save space and or improve the sound quality.

You might have spent some time to trying to find the correct wall mounts for your Logitech z906 Speakers and you might run into some issues as the screw mount on the back is not standard for most other speaker systems.

But here is the simple solution, use CCTV Mounts!

The screw mount on the back is the standard used for camera tripod mounts, and that also includes CCTV cameras, so this opens up a whole new selection of mounting options.

There are are many types and designs that can match your room decor. (Here are Two Examples)

Black z906 Speaker Mount

White z906 Speaker Mount

A few key points to check before you purchase will be the weight the mount can take, and also the build quality.

In our office we have wooden beams which has made mounting them very simple, and we had an old 5.1 System before, 40w to 1000w is quite an upgrade!

A new option I have just found for mounting your z906 speakers flat onto a wall is This slim speaker mount

Enjoy your newly mounted tidy speakers!

How to mount Logitech z906 speakers
Best Way to mount Logitech z906 speakers