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Film Photography for Weddings

The Resurgence of Film Photography for Weddings


In an era dominated by digital innovation, where pixels and screens have become our companions, a nostalgic revival has been unfolding within the world of wedding photography. The allure of film photography has once again cast its spell, breathing new life into the art of preserving love stories. As couples look to infuse their special day with nostalgia and timeless elegance, the resurgence of film photography for weddings is a trend that’s capturing the hearts of many couples, and especially GenZ.


The Enigmatic Allure of Film Photography

Film photography carries with it a sense of magic that simply can’t really be replicated by digital counterparts. The process of composing each frame meticulously and the anticipation of waiting for the developed images evoke emotions that are beautifully intertwined with the wedding experience itself. This unique combination of artistry and sentimentality has drawn couples, photographers, and enthusiasts back into the embrace of film. 

Statistics provide a clear insight into the resurgence of film photography in the wedding industry. According to a recent survey by wedding platform Hitched, the search term ‘film photography’ has increased by 266%.

Film Photography for Weddings

A Brief Dip into History

Film photography’s roots are intertwined with the history of photography itself. The development of roll films in the late 19th century revolutionised the way we captured memories. Through the decades, film photography became an art form, with various formats and emulsions offering distinct styles and qualities. Iconic photographers like Ansel Adams and Diane Arbus created timeless masterpieces using film, contributing to its legacy.


Why Film, Why Now?

In the digital age, where convenience often overshadows the artistry of photography, the return to film is a declaration of appreciation for craftsmanship and authenticity. Here’s a few reasons why we think film photography is finding its way back into the hearts of couples and photographers alike:

Timeless Elegance: Film’s soft tones, natural grain, and gentle color palette give the images an ethereal quality that lends a timeless charm to your wedding photographs.

Intimate Connection: The deliberate and mindful approach required by film photography can sometimes foster a deeper connection between the photographer and the subjects, resulting in more authentic and intimate moments captured.

Unique Look: Every film type has its own distinct character, allowing couples to choose a look that resonates with their love story and personality. The above image was shot on black and white Ilford HP5 400 to deliberately give a stronger grain to the images, in line with the tastes of our couple.

Authenticity: In this digital age of  filters and identity manipulation, there’s something so real and raw about the moments captured on a roll of film.

As wedding trends continue to evolve, the resurgence of film photography stands as a testament to the enduring power of old school artistry. In an age where instant gratification is the norm, film invites us to slow down, savour the process, and treasure the art of capturing fleeting moments that tell a lifelong tale of your love. It’s evident that film’s timeless allure is back although for many it never really left the kit bag, including for our Tom.


Black and White Film Photography

Tom learnt the ways of film during his A-Levels and art college years, and then whilst working in a film processing lab, so he has shot, processed and printed many hundred of thousands of rolls. When a recent couple asked us to also bring a film camera along to their wedding weekender on the remote island Sark, he jumped at the chance.

The camera in question actually pictured here, was his first “proper” camera, from around age 14, gifted to him from his grandad: the iconic Canon AE-1 (Which is just a few years older than him.)

Tom shot the wedding on film alongside a pair of modern Canon R6 Digital cameras –  a total of 44 years between development!

We’re here for the resurgence of film photography in weddings, as a compliment to our digital work. The gallery bellow is every single image from the two rolls of film, including the “safety” shot of the grass after changing rolls!

Canon Ae-1 - Film Wedding Photography - 0001

This type of film was specifically chosen to produce a heavier type of grain in camera, we can work with you to create your perfect film photography look. 

Looking for film wedding photography as a compliment to your photography memories?

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Film Photography for Weddings