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From the morning preparations for both of you to throwing shapes on the dancefloor – we’ll capture the real moments of your day. Every single wedding we photograph is totally unique because of the awesome clients who choose us, and we love the build up to your big day by getting to know you and your day inside out.

What is key for us is allowing your personality to shine through by capturing natural moments – and that’s so important, whether it’s for couple portraits or granny in the corner swigging her G ‘n’ T. The joy in our work is bringing out those family traits and quirks – something you’ll immediately recognise in the photos, yet we’re not trying too hard to be funny or quirky or shoehorning in gimmicks. Our approach is true to you and the moment. We shoot how it feels, not just how it looks.

We know how important it is to trust your wedding photographers. We also have utmost trust in each other as a husband and wife as well as business partners. Knowing each other inside out and that makes us better wedding photographers for you. We have a freaky telepathy that a solo photographer with a second shooter can’t offer you. Tom’s amazing at stealth shots and Lina knows how to work a crowd, and we both adore the dancefloor. There’s no heading home after the first dance with us, we’d miss too many of the best bits. Over eleven years of shooting together makes us a team you can truly rely on.

What makes us different is that we really get to know you and your day inside out. We’ll meet with you before and share the ideas and dreams of your day, usually over a glass of something lovely. We then transfer getting to know you into how we shoot your wedding that becomes a visual legacy that lasts for generations to come.

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You plan to only do this once, right? So we know what a big deal it is that you put your faith in us as your wedding photographer. You trust us to understand you; trust that we’ll capture amazing moments, trust we’ll edit and store your images properly and trust that we’ll be safeguarding your amazing memories for decades to come. We’re honoured that wedding planners and events professionals trust us with their exclusive clients too.

Hit the button below to send us a message about your day and we’ll send you some extra info on our packages. We’ll only shoot a limited number of weddings a year so don’t delay in finding out why we are the perfect choice for you.

Our Ethos as a Husband and Wife Wedding Photography duo