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Dominika & Dan – Essendon Country Club Wedding

After a day of torrential rain on the Friday, hooray for the stunning Sunday on Dominika & Dan’s wedding day! Their Essendon Country Club Wedding Photos particularly take in the glorious golden sunlight we had in the evening across the golf course, with their taster image being particularly dreamy…

Essendon Country Club Wedding Photos



Dominika & Dan’s Bluebell Woods Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots in the Spring are meant for bluebells, they can’t help make you smile. We headed to Box Wood in Stevenage with Dominika and Dan for their pre wedding shoot on a glorious afternoon, days like these just don’t feel like work. Enjoy!

Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot Bluebell Woods Engagement Shoot

A bluebell woods pre wedding shoot by Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Lina and Tom


Steph & Steve’s Golden Rapeseed Pre Wedding Shoot

We’ve wanted to do a rapeseed pre wedding shoot for aaagggggeees, so when we realised that there was a field near the woodland we were taking Steph, Steve and their dogs to we were very happy! After a stroll through the woods and the doggies having a good run, we headed to the glorious gold of the rapeseed field, for some absolutely stunning portraits of this lovely pair!

Woodland_engagement_photos_1 Woodland engagement shoot Rapeseed-engagemenet_photos_3

Woodland & Rapeseed Field Pre Wedding Shoot – Engagement By Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom


Kate and Tom – Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender

When Kate and Tom suggested Hitchin Lavender for their pre wedding shoot we were delighted to finally get a chance to shoot at this wonderful lavender farm, the lavender wasn’t quite in full bloom but the poppies and wild flowers certainly were!

here is a taste of a gorgeous afternoon we spent having fun amongst the flowers.

Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Photography  Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot Hitchin Lavender Pre Wedding Shoot


Katy & Kerr’s Colourful and Fun Wedding Photography Taster

If you saw their pre-wedding shoot, it would have been obvious to you too that we were going to have a fun day with Katy & Kerr, and they did not disappoint! We loved Katy’s Vivienne of Holloway dress with purple underskirt and purple Irregular Choice shoes. The day was full of fun and laughter, and we adore this moment between the happy couple!

Fun Wedding Photography

Fun Wedding Photography at Springfield House Stevenage by Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers


Caroline and Andy’s Bluebells Pre Wedding Shoot

Caroline and Andy live near the gorgeous Box Wood in Stevenage, and we were very excited that their pre wedding shoot was going to be in bluebell season! They brought with them their two gorgeous doggies, something we actively encourage as it can help relieve nervousness, and we love photographing animals! It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon, one of those days where ‘working’ outside is pure joy…

Bluebells Pre Wedding Shoot


Bryony and Sidney’s Romantic Verulamium Park St Albans Pre Wedding Shoot

We were delighted to get an email from Bryony and Sidney regarding their June wedding. Not only because they were having their wedding at Sopwell House in St. Albans which we had not yet photographed, but also because Bryony’s lovely brother and MC Jeremy is a friend of Tom’s sister, and as well as seeing him socially we have provided executive photography for him too, so it was great to meet Bryony!

For their St Albans pre wedding shoot we headed to the lovely Verulamium Park which is perfect for a romantic stroll around the lake to alleviate any nerves about being photographed on the day, which was the case for Bryony, but as you’ll see below, our lovely couple had nothing to worry about! We’re really looking forward to the wedding tomorrow!



And the BAFTA goes to… the beard! How Grooms can learn from film stars their wedding day grooming

Watched the BAFTAS on Sunday night? We did. My love of the arts and entertainment industry combined with my adoration for Hugh Jackman (Tom understands) meant we settled down for the BAFTA Awards ceremony on TV this year. Very soon we began to notice the beards. It wasn’t just us either, Twitter and the following day’s media became awash with comment about how the great and the good of Hollywood now had beards.

This makes me very happy. As a beardy-loving lady (on my men that is) it’s great to see lots of facial hair around. I found myself even looking at Ben Affleck in a new light. It got me thinking about our lovely grooms, and the rituals of shaving we see in the morning preparations. Now there will likely be a few ladies (Brides and MOG’s equally) who will disagree with me, but guys, YOU DON’T NEED TO SHAVE FOR YOUR WEDDING!

Now a disclaimer is needed here, by not shave I don’t mean rock up to your wedding looking like you have been asleep for five days, but if you usually sport a trendy smattering of stubble, then keep it. In much the same way people tell women not to lose too much weight for their wedding day as they ‘need to look like them’, so the same should go for the boys!


So take a tip from the red carpet boys, the beard is back and looking fab, so  if you usually rock facial hair or your bride-to-be swooned over your sexy stubble when you met, then keep the razor blade in the cupboard on wedding morning.


Lina x