AN UPDATE: 19.03.2020

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch, whether to show support and solidarity or to share how they are feeling if this post resonated. Since writing it a week ago, things have moved along quickly, with us having postponed four weddings so far to new dates and have another three in discussion. For us we are moving these dates for our clients without question and without financial penalty but it’s tough, and as we are now giving up a second date in our calendar to each wedding, we’re already looking at 4 days unavailable next year for new couples. This will undoubtedly impact us financially as a business but we are remaining positive – looking after our beloved clients is our first priority!

But it’s worth noting that if you are planning for later this year, 2021 or even 2022, it’s worth getting in touch to secure your favoured suppliers NOW. Diaries are becoming very busy now and your enquiry will also absolutely make the supplier’s day, I promise you. We all need lovely new enquiries now more than ever!

This week we have also been trying to spread the #postponedontcancel and #supportsmallbusiness messages, and recorded an interview for BBC Look East which went out last night at 6:30pm. It also featured our lovely couple Siobhan and Matt. They only used a small section in the piece but you can see the whole two minute section here.