Alex and Roz approached us after hearing Lina’s seminar at the Bride Magazine Knebworth House Wedding Show in January, and we are so glad they did! Lina’s words about not ‘hiring’ friends or family to do your photography, to let them enjoy the day, seemed to ring true and we were very happy that they chose us to be part of their wedding day. We headed to the lovely Aldenham Country Park not far from their wedding venue, The Shires in Barnet. We had a lovely stroll around the park, and apart from narrowly avoiding the hisses of an angry swan, it was a lovely relaxed shoot ending with some chalk board fun.

Roll on the party today!


Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0012 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0027-2

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0052-2 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0054-2


Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0083 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0097-2

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0086-2 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0088  Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0105 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0105-2 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0117

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0119-2 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0133-2

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0139 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0139-2

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0149-2 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0157-2  Roz and Alex Pre-Shoot - IMG_0162-2

Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0165 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0174 Roz_and_Alex_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0179

Aldenham Country Park Pre Wedding Shoot by Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom