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Photographing fun felines: the joy of cats at weddings

Anyone who knows us knows we love cats. It doesn’t take long for us to get on to the subject, and we often find ourselves chatting away about our kitties to fellow cat lovers for quite a long time. So, for this post, we’re asking you to indulge our love of all things feline. But it is related to cats at weddings!

Capturing pets at a wedding helps us tell your story – the story of your wedding day but also your past, present and future. We like to build a picture of what your lives are like, so you can look back fondly years later. We’re always meeting your furry friends when shooting weddings and it would be totally remiss of us not to take a photo of them. What kind of cat lovers would we be otherwise?

We’ve captured many cats, usually while the bride or groom gets ready, but occasionally at a wedding venue too. So, let us introduce you to some beautiful four-legged friends we’ve made on our journey as wedding photographers. Get ready for a lot of cute…


First on our run down of cute cats are Harvey and Minnie, owned by/owners of Di and Kate. This tortie and grey pals supervised the bridal party getting ready. Despite all the excitement around these cool cats continued to lounge on the bed, accepting the occasional chin tickle.

Kate and Chris’ pre-wedding prep featured another cool customer, a beautiful ginger tabby called Alfie. Their wedding took place on a wonderful sunny day, so we were able to photograph their cat in the garden basking in the sun. We particularly love the photo of him looking up Kate in the window. Another supervisor hard at work!

What makes photographing cats fun on a wedding day is their contrast of their relaxed attitude compared to the excitement and nerves of the big day. They usually go about their normal routine, a nap here and a cuddle there. We find that the cats are a calming force in the house, how nice is it to pause for a little cuddle and a purr if you’re feeling a bit jittery?

We, and the bridal party, certainly felt the calming influence of Harriet’s mum’s pretty tabbies – who mostly hung out on the landing all morning napping.

There are also kitties that really want to be the centre of attention! None more so than Luna the Bengal who was adamant that she should be in on the action. This photo of her gate-crashing the groomsmen’s photo tells you all you need to know about her cheeky personality! Tom had lots of fun getting to know her before Becky and Charlie’s wedding, it was hard not to take her home really…

Another pet with bags of personality was Peaches the kitten, a new addition to Sarah and Jonny’s family. She was in her absolute element – so many people (and things) to play with. She particularly enjoyed grabbing her daddy’s feet from underneath the bed; hopefully the groom didn’t get a hole in his sock!

We don’t just meet cats during wedding preparations, but at pre-wedding shoots too. Leah and Rob really wanted their ragdoll cat Pookie to feature in their wedding somehow, so we made him part of their engagement shoot.

We can see why too, he’s just so incredibly photogenic. Those striking blue eyes and her golden fur make it hard to stop taking photos of him. He lapped it up too; a total natural in front of the camera.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to shoot at venues with resident cats, often a force to be reckoned with and totally unfazed by large numbers of very excited people. At Cat and Ewen’ farm wedding in Dundee we were visited by the farm cat, who came to oversee the set up. He seemed satisfied with everyone’s work!

cats at weddings

Barrington Hall is a Cambridgeshire wedding venue with a lovely friendly moggy, who has even sat on our laps during a break – a welcome perk of the job!

cats at weddings

Did you know that Girton College has a cat? Buster the cat is quite the college legend, patrolling the ancient corridors as he pleases – bet he walks on the grass too. He’s usually a little hard to get hold of (being a Fellow at Cambridge is hard work…) but during Ursula and Matt’s wedding he very much wanted to be the star of the show.

We’ve been working on this blog a couple of days and it literally has just been announced that Buster has passed away. He was such a character, we’ll miss him at our next Girton College wedding. ?

cats at weddings

cats at weddings

Last but not least, we should introduce you to our cats! Sadly we weren’t able to have them as part of our wedding day, but we very much make up for this by taking plenty of photos of them.

We share our home with Loki, Lysander and Moo. All of our kitties are long-haired, which means they are so beautiful but we are forever covered in fur! This does mean we do take a little piece of them wherever we go through – and lint rollers are a key spend of our expenses budget!

Loki is our one-eyed boy, he loves to supervise our work and you’ll often find him draped across the desk while we are editing.

Lysander is a handsome little devil, quite the heartbreaker really. He loves lap cuddles when he’s not commandeering most of the sofa or trying to sit as awkwardly close to Lina as possible.

Moo is our naughty tortie, and the only girl cat in our crowd – good company for Lina who’s outnumbered by boys otherwise! She loves to rest her head on the computer mouse whilst you’re working – handy – and lots of chin tickles.

There we have it – did you enjoy our cat stories? Tell us about your pets. Or do you know someone who adores their feline friend? Maybe a pet photoshoot voucher is a gift waiting to happen for them?
We’d also love to hear from you if want to include your cat on your wedding day – get in touch to talk weddings and cats with us!



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