Meeting up with Lisa and Steve was something we were looking forward to for a while. An old school pal of Lina’s, we knew we’d have a lot of fun with them, and when they suggested the South Bank and the fantastic temporary cabaret venue of Wonderground, we knew we would have a colourful palette to work with. Couple that with a glorious Waterloo Sunset, and well, see for yourselves!

Lisa_Steve_BoroughMarket_1 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_2 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_3 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_4 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_5 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_6 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_7 Lisa_Steve_WaterlooBridge_8 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_9 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_Wonderground_10 Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_Wonderground_11Lisa_Steve_SouthBank_Wonderground_12


 A London South Bank and Wonderground Pre Wedding Shoot by London Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom