We love the fact that we have a great relationship with all our clients, we seem to attract couples who have similar values and interest to us, but every now and then we really gel with a couple who we know are going to be friends way past their wedding – and Katy and Kerr sit in this category. When we met them at the  Knebworth wedding show, Lina was immediately taken by Katy’s purple-stoned engagement ring as they sat and had a good chat about their wedding plans. Fast forward to the eve of their wedding and we have enjoyed meeting them socially, including on their pre wedding shoot which considered of tea and cake at the fab Serendipity Cafe in Hertford, pooh sticks, giant gamer-heart heads, a game of Carcassonne with pizza and then standing in a field at midnight light painting. Intrigued? Take a look…

Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0007 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0006 Fun Pre Wedding Shoot Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0023-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0030-2 Fun Pre Wedding Shoot Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0032-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0063 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0068-2  Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0069

Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0099-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0100-2

Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0101 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0172

Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0133-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0160


Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0246 Fun Pre Wedding Shoot


Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0179-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0175-2

Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0352 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0353 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0428Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0233-2 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0437 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0459 Katy_and_Kerr_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0284-2 Lightpainting pre wedding shoot

A fun pre wedding shoot with Light-painting by Hertfordshire Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom