When we met Kate and Arthur at the Knebworth wedding fair in January, we knew within one sentence of conversation that we wanted to shoot their wedding – one word in fact – ‘Medieval.’ Kate has described them as ‘big kids’ (apparent in some of the images below!) so they decided on a medieval themed wedding to move away from the formalities of a traditional wedding, and really allow their guests to have some fun and enjoy it with them.

We’ve got our outfits sorted – as a self confessed tudorphile I am very excited about having big sleeves for the day – and can’t wait to see all their guests dressed up, not least Kate in her custom made gown!

Despite the boldness of the theme, Kate in particular was shy about being photographed, so we had a pre wedding shoot in the grounds of their reception venue, Dorton House in Buckinghamshire, and even possibly a sneak preview of their first dance, but knowing these two they could have called our bluff! We then ended the shoot enjoying the late afternoon sun and stunning scenery at the picturesque windmill in the village of Brill. Here’s a few shots of a great afternoon ahead of their Dorton House wedding tomorrow.

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0043-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0051

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0051-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0068-2

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0078 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0086

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0172-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0176-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0194 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0222 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0228 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0248-2Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0122-2Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0236 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0262 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0267

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0337-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0326-2

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0321 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0358-2

Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0346-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0385-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0396-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0400-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0403-2 Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0401-2Kate_and_Arthur_Pre-shoot_-_IMG_0328

Buckinghamshire pre wedding shoot – Buckinghamshire Wedding Photography by LinaandTom.com