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How to Link your Amazon Prime and Twitch Accounts for a free subscription!

Link Your Amazon Prime and Twitch Accounts.

You may have seen we have a Twitch account (if you didn’t, you have now!) We’d love to show you how to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts for a free subscription!

Make sure you give us a follow to see what we get up to, with weekly DJ party streams. As well as some other gaming or chatting streams during the week if we feel like hanging out. We also love Twitch for such a wide access to amazing music streamers.

Twitch DJs Lina and Tom stream starting

What would be even more awesome is if you subscribe!

If you happen to have an Amazon Prime Account (Click here for a free 30 day signup if not) you can subscribe totally free to one channel of your choice. It would be so awesome if you did for us, so we get a little credit every month to help support the stream.

To link the two accounts, you need to have joined “Prime Gaming.” It’s a simple click if you are already logged into you Amazon Prime Account. This also gives you access to free games and extras for games you might already have.

Note: When you choose to connect your Amazon account, the profile information connected to your Amazon account.  This includes your name, may be used by Twitch. Twitch won’t publicly display your Amazon account information.


Once you have linked the two accounts, you should see the option to subscribe to our channel.
To keep the subscription going, you just have to confirm it every month, but you will be prompted if we are live!

About Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers, musicians, artists, and other creators to broadcast their content to the world. It is owned by Amazon and is one of the most popular websites in the world.

Twitch was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of, a live streaming platform that was founded in 2007. Twitch quickly became the go-to platform for gamers to stream their gameplay to the world. In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million.

Twitch is now the most popular live streaming platform in the world. It has over 140 million active users and over 2 million broadcasters. Twitch is used to stream a variety of content, including gaming, music, art, and talk shows.

Twitch is a great way for creators to connect with their fans and build a community. It is also a great way for viewers to watch their favorite creators play games, listen to music, or watch talk shows.

If you are a creator, Twitch is a great platform to start streaming your content. If you are a viewer, Twitch is a great place to watch your favorite creators and discover new content



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