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You’re getting married!

We’re full-time professional documentary wedding photographers who love moments – big or small – and from the morning preparations to throwing some shapes on the dancefloor – we’ll capture the truest moments from your day. Every single wedding we photograph is totally unique, and we strive to capture that from your big day by getting to know you and your day inside out.

Key for us as a documentary wedding photographer is allowing your personalities to come through by capturing natural moments. The fun in our work is bringing out those family traits and quirks – something you’ll immediately recognise in the photos, yet we’re not trying too hard to be funny or quirky or shoehorning in gimmicks, our documentary approach is true to you and the moment. We shoot how it feels, not just how it looks.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and we know how important it is to trust your wedding photographer. We also have trust in each other, as a husband and wife. We know each other inside out and that makes us better wedding photographers for you. We have a telepathy (honestly!) that a lone or second shooter photographer can’t offer you. Tom’s amazing at stealth shots and Lina knows how to work a crowd. Over ten years of shooting together makes us a team you can rely on.

Do read more below about how we work as wedding photographers, including our destination wedding photography, FAQs and pricing details.

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It’s our love for each other which helps tell the story of yours

What makes us different is that we really get to you know you and your day inside out. We’ll meet with you before and share the ideas and dreams of your day. We then transfer that into a visual legacy that lasts for generations to come.

Our approach is moment-driven: yes we will bring you creative portraits of you as a couple, we’ll capture those little details you spent all your Sundays making, and we’ll certainly get that group shot for Granny’s mantelpiece, but for the most part we are there to capture the real moments as they happen – and above all the fun!

Stories are so important to us, and you can trust us with yours. Keep scrolling for more about our approach and pricing.

Real Wedding: Amy + Alex - A Two Day Luxury Festival Wedding

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Having a destination wedding?

You fell in love gazing out into the ocean, you said yes under a starlit sky. We know why a destination wedding is important to many couples, so you owe it to your memories to hire a high quality photographer to capture it all for you. 

Our documentary style means we look to find the truest moments and memories from your destination wedding – timings are kept lose so even when your Uncle Mike decides to tear up the dancefloor after a few sangrias, we’ll be there!

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Take a look at how we tell the whole story of the day by viewing some of our complete real weddings.
Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the kind words our lovely clients have said about us.
Check out some awesome wedding suppliers who we love and know will care about your wedding just as much as we do!

Your investment in us

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and we know how important it is to trust your wedding photographer. Trust that they’ll understand you, trust that they’ll edit and store your images properly and trust that they’ll provide you with amazing memories for decades to come.



We’re the guests you have to invite, so let’s get to know each other over a drink – It’s so important you like us! Where possible we’ll do this face to face, but if not we can chat over a video call. We can chat weddings for hours, so tell us more!

A pro team of two!

You’ll get both Lina and Tom shooting your wedding > that’s two experienced multi award-winning photographers all day! We’re a team in every sense of the word – it wouldn’t be the same shooting a wedding without each other.

Unlimited Coverage

That’s right, unlimited! Coverage usually from preparations for both parties through to the evening shenanigans. You will never be held to a number of set hours from us, we want to tell the story of your day and not be clock-watching.

Travel & Accomodation

All travel and accommodation is included in our rates, even for destination weddings, so you don’t have any extra costs or tasks to consider. Just book and we’ll be there!

600+ High Resolution Images

You get all the images that make the final cut, edited & retouched in our crisp, vibrant style, licensed for your personal use, so you can make your own prints & albums.

Personalised USB & Prints

A personalised USB of your images in both high resolution for print and web resolution for social media, fully licensed to you, with a selection of prints ready for framing.

Slideshow Movie

A fun little slideshow with highlights of your day, a great way to share and enjoy the story of your wedding.

Personal Gallery

A password protected proof gallery for you to enjoy the first look of your photos in the comfort of your own home.

Guests' Gallery

An online gallery for your guests, allowing them look back at your special day and to purchase prints delivered by us.


If there is one thing we have learnt is that our clients do things their way.
For a typical wedding day our rates start around £2695, please tell us more about your plans so we can send you an accurate quote and start to get excited.

Wondering how we calculate our fees? Find out here


Doing things in an even more unique way?

We will happily produce a custom quote if you’re eloping, having a unique travel adventure, or keeping things small and intimate, so please don’t be afraid tell us your plans!


Getting married at South Farm in Cambridgeshire? We have a special rate for you, as we live just round the corner!
You can also bolt on any extras as you wish, such as pre-wedding shoots or albums, which we do highly recommend and will chat about during your consultation.


To ask your Wedding Photographer

Hurrah, you’re getting married, but chances are you’ve never booked a professional wedding photographer before, so here’s some handy info to get you started. Although all weddings are unique to the couple, there are always going to be constants in wedding planning, so you should be able to get these questions answered by any photographer, not just us, but some of the answers may be a little different as we all work in our own way.

My friend takes nice photos, can't I just get them to do it?

Well, yes you can, but ask yourself this: Do you want to put pressure on your friend or do you want them to enjoy your wedding with you? We’ve heard so many sad stories of friends or family members missing key moments, not being able to cope with dark rooms and changing weather, or worse still, getting too drunk to produce quality photography. Why take the risk with the most important day of your life? Chances are they will not have the relevant insurance either, which some venues insist upon. If you need to save money, find savings elsewhere and leave your memories in the capable hands of a professional.

I've seen a photographer offering all day coverage for £500 - Why do you cost as much as you do?

Every photographer has the right to charge what they feel is a suitable fee for their work on your wedding. Our rates are based on the amount of coverage you get with us, as well as the amount of preparation, enthusiasm and sheer hard work we will put into your images and albums after the wedding. Our pricing reflects the high quality of our work comparable to many photographers who charge a lot less, it is a simple as that. You’re also paying for two experienced and award-winning photographers, not a solo and an assistant, so don’t be tempted to compare our fees to someone working alone.

I don't want the the unlimited coverage, will you do less?

Of course, we will happily bespoke a package for you if you are having a short or smaller wedding, but we do the unlimited coverage for a standard wedding for a reason – your story does not end at the first dance!

Can I hire just one of you?

Not for a wedding… We know the high quality of our work stems from the strong partnership we have and the way we work together – it just wouldn’t feel the same doing it alone! This way you can rest assured that whilst one of us is with you both, the other is amongst your guests, capturing the fun. Your wedding day will unfortunately pass so quickly, you won’t feel you’ll have spent enough time with everyone, so that’s where we come in to show you they had a fab time. It’s our love for each other which helps tell the story of yours.

What happens if you get ill?

We know a pool of great photographers who are similar in style to us who we would call in. We’ve never missed a wedding yet and it’s highly unlikely of course both of us would be ill at the same time.

What cameras do you use?

We currently use Canon 5D4’s and 3’s. More importantly we use the highest quality prime lenses, allowing us to shoot in all situations, including candlelight, without flashing and ruining the atmosphere. If you want to get camera nerdy and F1.2 excites you, Tom is your man!

Do you use flash in the ceremony?

In a word, no! We personally feel it is very intrusive so will shoot using natural light, in fact, we will shoot almost all of your wedding naturally, we only really bring our flashes out on the dancefloor.

Our Vicar is worried about the photographer disrupting the ceremony...

If you choose us you can reassure them that as there are two of us we are fairly static during the ceremony, so they don’t have to worry about us running around, and also that we never use flash. If you are getting married in a church it is always worth having a conversation about the photography in advance, as we have come across vicars who have said no photography at all, without telling the couple beforehand.

Are you insured?

We have public liability, professional indemnity and equipment insurance. If you or your venue would like to see our public liability certificate please just ask.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Unless we are doing short coverage, then yes please. It’s a very long day for us, and we’d rather not have to think about where we are getting our lunch/dinner from, or retreat to the car to eat some warm sandwiches and expect them to fuel us until into the evening. Saying that, we don’t expect wedding food just anything hot and filling, but when you are eating it is good if we can eat too. We don’t take pictures of people eating, no-one looks good doing it, and we want you and your guests to enjoy your food and not feel self-conscious.

Do you retouch and edit the images?

Once we have made our initial cut of your images, removing all the duplicates, bad lighting, bad faces and blinkers etc, we then individually process every single image we plan to give you. With give our images a crisp and vibrant look, but we do not take it too far, we want you to see the emotion and moment in an image, not the processing that has been aplied to it. We will do blemish removal but what we don’t do is airbrush you like a magazine, as we feel you should look like your fabulous self in your wedding photography, and your wedding was not a fashion shoot.

How long will it take to see our wedding photos?

Dependent on the time of year it can be anything between 4 and 10 weeks – maybe even 12 if it’s a big one. But you wouldn’t want us to rush them right?

Do you do files only packages?

Our basic package starts with shooting your wedding day and delivering the images on a USB, and we can worry about everything else after. But do think about all those holiday photos on your pc. How often do you look at them? If you leave the package at this chances are you’ll make a few prints and then they’ll sit in a drawer or on your computer, and you’ll never look at them enough. With an album you have a physical, tangible thing to look at with ease, to touch and remember, easily accessible to show people how fantastic the day was. We favour coffee table books, which can hold around 300 images, which really allows us to tell your story and doesn’t feel like a big cumbersome thing that has to live in the back of the wardrobe.

Why don't I get copyright?

In all honesty, we think no photographer worth their salt should be giving away their copyright. If you buy music do you expect the copyright to the music? Probably not and our work is no different. Take it as a compliment, we are extremely proud of what we do and we want to be able to claim the work as our own. Our contract fully explains your rights, but you really don’t need anything else than usage rights, so don’t worry.

Can we get our images to print them?

When you receive your USB, you are issued with full usage rights to reproduce them as you wish, so feel free to fill your home with prints, and get a nice framed picture for granny at Christmas too. Bear in mind though that most high street photo printers are not the best quality, so let us know if you want some lab recommendations. What you can’t do is claim them as your own work, edit them or sell them as we retain copyright, but you are welcome to send them to any media with a credit to us. Do note your USB is licensed for personal use only, and at most for sharing with immediate family.

Can our guests get prints?

Wider event guests will have an online gallery they can view with the opportunity to purchase prints directly from us.

Can we share images with our suppliers?

Sure! What we recommend is that you share your gallery and let them select their favourites, then we will send the images chosen directly with them so we can touch base. If you are passing on images yourself, ideally please give them the watermarked images or tell them to get in touch if they need something else – we’re happy to chat!

We don't live anywhere near you, is that an issue?

This isn’t a problem for your first consultation or if you live outside of the UK, as we can have a video call in the first instance. We do always try to meet couples in person at least once before the wedding so we can all get to know each other better, but if that is really not possible, such as if you are having a destination wedding, we’ll try and factor in catching up with you when we arrive at the location.

I'm not getting married in your area, will you travel?

Yes! We will go wherever you want us to, both in the UK and Internationally. If you are having a destination wedding there is a real benefit to choosing a wedding photographer local to you and not your venue, as we will be able to build up a relationship and rapport before your wedding. We do not charge travel expenses for weddings throughout the UK, only for pre-wedding shoots that require extra travel for us not considered at the time of booking. Our simple packages include travel and accommodation even as a destination wedding photographer to keep it simple for you. So feel free to get married in Bali, I’m sure we’ll manage it!

I'm getting married abroad, do I have to pay you for multiple days?

Our destination wedding pricing includes that we would expect to be in the location two days before and at least one day after. We’re there for the story, so are happy to turn up to night before drinks or have some fun the day after with you included in the current fee. If you are having the equivalent of another full days worth of events and want us to cover it, such as with some specific religions, then do talk to us about the further coverage.

We're getting married abroad but flight times are weird / the country is prone to striking...

We always plan to be in the area of your destination wedding at least two days before your wedding, to allow for any travel issues on the way. We won’t accept weddings which would require us travelling on the day as we would hate to take the risk. This is all already considered in the cost of our packages.

I am having a very small wedding, should I still have professional photography?

Definitely! Even more so… Take the pressure off a family member and book a photographer for the ceremony and reception drinks, then they can properly enjoy themselves. One of our favourite weddings was of ten plus the two of us! We do tailored packages at specialist rates for small weddings and short coverage, and would love to shoot an elopement. Consider us your ready-made witnesses too!

I am having a winter wedding, will a later ceremony time cause problems with the photography?

It’s not a problem as such if you book a photographer who knows what they are doing, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend a time later than 2pm if you want to have group shots outside in the light. Make sure you ask any photographer you are considering to show you a full winter wedding they have shot, it is very different to shooting in the summer. We still shoot mostly natural light in winter but some photographers will up their use of flash indoors, something to check if you find it intrusive.

How do you approach a civil partnership or gay marriage?

It’s a wedding like any other to us!

We like your work but you have never shot at our venue before...

This really isn’t a problem as we will try and visit your venue before the wedding to have a walk round or if logistics are difficult we will arrive early to have a recce. We’ll come up with locations for shots and wet weather options, so we have a plan on the day. Sometimes choosing a photographer who hasn’t been to a venue can be a good thing, we will see the venue with fresh eyes, giving you a set of unique wedding photos. On the other hand…

You've been to our venue but we don't want our wedding photography to look the same as all the other weddings...

All the more reason to choose us! We have shot at certain venues on multiple occasions but we know all our clients are unique, so we don’t work on a tick list of every venue, we work with what feels right for you and what you tell us you like or don’t like.

If you are a documentary wedding photographer, does this mean you won't do group shots?

Not at all. Some purely documentary photographers will not do them, but we think there is still a place for groups at a wedding, as it tends to be one of the very few times that families get together. So we will happily do them in a very informal manner, keeping it light and jovial, and definitely not posing everyone standing stiff like dominoes. We do cap it at 10 though, as we want you to be able to get on and enjoy your wedding not spend the whole drinks reception doing group photos. If you want some advice as to how to get your list down, let us know!

We're not getting married for a few years but like your work, should we wait until nearer the time?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Most clients book us between 12 and 18 months in advance, and some have signed us up two years in advance. Remember we can only ever shoot one wedding a day and once we are booked we are booked, so don’t miss out. By booking early you also make yourself immune from any price rises, as we always honour your original quote. Saying this, do always check your date, even if it is only a few months away as you never know!

We're not sure we want images on social media, is this ok?

Of course it is! We understand that for some clients such as teachers, social workers, police officers etc, you’d rather your images remained private. Just let us know at the time of booking and we will make sure we respect this. We do not blog/share every wedding we shoot so this is not a problem at all.

Do you work with wedding planners?

Of course we do! We completely understand that sometimes planning a wedding is just one job too far, so are more than happy to work with your planner. We do insist we meet you at least once before the wedding though, as it’s really important for us to get to know each other before the big day,

We want to book you, how do we do it?

We ideally would go for a drink with you, as we think it is really important that you like us as people. However if you have met us at a wedding fair or you are not near us and we have had a video call, and your wedding is in the UK, Ireland or Iceland, we will send you our contract and take a booking fee. The balance is then invoiced for payment 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Do note that for destination weddings the booking fee is 30% of the package, to allow us to go ahead and book all our travel and accommodation.

Want to hire us for your wedding?

Get in touch and we can meet for a cuppa!

We’re not just wedding photographers, we’re here to help you through the whole wedding journey, so feel free to pick our brains – we love to talk all things wedding!