After a busy January editing gorgeous December weddings and focusing on the Knebworth Wedding Show, we had a surprisingly busy February!  Shooting on Valentine’s weekend is expected, but this year we had three lovely weekends to look forward to, all fantastically different and true the the couple. Here are the sneak peaks for you to enjoy!

Carrie-Ann and Chris
Pinewood Studios Wedding
When Carrie-Ann and Chris told us they were planning a 1940s vintage meets Dr Who wedding we were very excited to say the least! But when their original venue cancelled on them the were worried they wouldn’t find somewhere with the right feel. We pointed them in the direction of the stunning Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The iconic Pinewood Studios sign was a must-shoot, but we wanted to achieve something a little more romantic and glamorous, well, something a little more like a movie. Tom used off-camera flash techniques to light the fine rain, in what is a series of gorgeous portraits. As many guests wouldn’t have known we’d done this, it felt like the perfect choice for the sneak peek.


Rachel and Dave

black and white wedding photography

We go back a long way with Rachel’s family, and having shot her sister and cousin’s weddings, we loved being reunited with the clan. Add in the loveable  Dave and a general theme of gin and you have a very fun wedding! The thing about these two is that they make each other laugh all day long which is a joy to shoot, and joy is what this shot (and our job) is all about. It was a very windy day (which made for more drama and laughter in equal measure) and Lina is so pleased with this intimate portrait of the pair, as she feels it defines her style of photography today.

Alison and Clive

Older couple wedding photos

Alison and Clive came to us via the incredible magician Lee Smith, yes that’s how good he is, they booked him first! This wonderfully warm couple clearly love each other very much, and are much loved by their friends and family, not least their gorgeous doggie who was ring bearer, and looked genuinley delighted to see her owner’s tie-the-knot! With the beautiful Offley Place the backdrop for their big day, we had a crisp and sunny winter’s day. There’s a certain old-school glamour to this shot, largely due to Alison’s fab glam sequinned dress, but there’s so much love pouring out too…

So there is our busiest ever February, but we’re sure it won’t be the last as couple’s become evermore savvy to getting married out of season. See you next month…

February Wedding Photography by Lina and Tom