After a few days of grey drizzle we were really happy when the sun shone for Clare and Mark’s Ely pre wedding shoot which they chose to have along the river. After a catch up on their wedding plans over a drink in The Cutter Inn, we let them stroll along the river together. We say to all our couples, to enjoy the period of time when all they have to do is talk, walk and kiss! For most couples (including us!) it’s very rare to get a chance to do this, and most find it very enjoyable, with Clare and Mark being no exception. When we first met Mark, having previously met Clare in a professional capacity, he seemed the ‘quieter’ of the two, yet during the pre wedding shoot he relished the opportunity to have a good snog with his bride to be, almost making Clare bashful! A clear observation we made that afternoon was how much these two laugh together, they are constantly making each other giggle and it was so lovely to be around.

We’re really excited about photographing their wedding on Friday in the art deco splendour of Eltham Palace in South London, it what we are sure will be a stylish and fun wedding completely tailored to them. Here’s a selection of shots from that fun afternoon.

Ely pre wedding shoot Ely Pre Wedding Shoot Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0002-2  Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0029 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0028 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0037-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0048 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0069 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0073 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0064-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0090-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0097-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0103 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0107

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0112 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0134

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0121  Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0159 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0131-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0155-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0157-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0267 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0182-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0276 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0277 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0278 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0292 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0212-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0249-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0351


Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0290-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0288-2

Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0372 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0298-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0308-2 Clare_and_Mark_-_Pre-Shoot_-_IMG_0389


Ely Pre Wedding Shoot by Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographers Lina & Tom