Have fun in your wedding dress REVISIT: Rachael & Nik’s mini-moon find

13/05/2013 / Wedding Planning

Last month I wrote a wedding blog on a subject hugely close to my heart, about letting go on your wedding day and not worrying about getting your dress dirty etc. I was inspired by the lovely Rachael,...


Having fun in your wedding dress: why you have to let go on the day!

16/04/2013 / Wedding Planning

As people who attend weddings for a living, we have obviously seen a lot of weddings. Tom and I have seen all colour combinations, styles and themes. This means we are well placed to give our clients ...


Choosing your wedding photographer and how to get the best out of your wedding photos!

18/01/2013 / Wedding Planning

For the Knebworth Wedding Show 2013 we were asked by Wedding Link Herts and Cambs to present a seminar to prospective brides and grooms. We decided the best advice we could give would be tips on choos...


Wedding Fairs – Do you really need to go?

14/01/2013 / Wedding Planning

Ah tis the season for wedding fairs. Or fayre, if you are so inclined. Between September and April us wedding industry folk are usually giving up a few weekends to dedicate ourselves to meeting future...


Why should you book a professional wedding photographer?

15/01/2012 / Wedding Planning

If you read the wedding blog Rock n Roll Bride, you'll know that Kat Williams tries to tackle key issues that come up in the wedding industry, and the controversial subject of pricing when it comes to...