Green List Ready: Why Iceland may now be the ideal location of choice for your destination wedding, or the Honeymoon you never considered

11/05/2021 / Destination Weddings

  The hotly anticipated Green list of no restriction travel was announced on Friday in the UK, signalling a hopeful return of holidays, exploring new cultures and of course, the possib...


Ten years of Lina & Tom | 10 top tips for your wedding planning

17/07/2019 / Wedding Planning

Why are we qualified to give you 10 top tips for your wedding planning? On July 4th we celebrated 10 years since our first wedding as the official photographer. Over those ten years, we have seen tren...


10 Creative Twists on Wedding Traditions – So You Can Be You!

15/05/2019 / Wedding Planning

You know us, we are 100% when it comes to encouraging you to eschew the standard wedding traditions and do things your way - it always makes for the most interesting weddings! Today on the blog we we...


Upcoming Wedding Shows for Lina and Tom

16/08/2018 / Wedding Planning

As the summer heatwave fades I don't know about you but I am starting to look forward to Autumn; the turn of the trees and that renewed sense of starting afresh (we may also be going on holiday, but n...


Why use a wedding planner? 5 key reasons from wedding planners R&F Weddings

14/01/2018 / Wedding Planning

We've been lucky to shoot a vast number of weddings over our nine years as wedding photographers, and one of the biggest changes we've seen to the industry is a wealth of new and exciting places to ha...


Because your wedding photos are so much more than looking perfect

14/02/2016 / Wedding Planning

Happy Valentine's Day all. Whether you are someone who is loved up and enjoying the day with your beloved, or if you're still fancy free I hope you're taking the time to feel hopeful for all the loved...


It’s Our Turn: Choosing a Photographer

16/04/2014 / Wedding Planning

As I mentioned in my first post about our wedding planning, who would do our photography was the million dollar question when we got engaged. Everyone asked the question, and we would just shake our h...


It’s Our Turn: Finding the Wedding Dress…

21/03/2014 / Wedding Planning

Following on from my post about the slightly frustrating task of finding our wedding venue, I figured I should tackle the subject of finding my dress next as it seems just as hot a topic as finding ou...


It’s our turn: The first step in our wedding planning – the venue!

07/03/2014 / Wedding Planning

One thing I truly love about my job is the ability to help couples with their wedding planning. My brain is like Pinterest, filled with huge amounts of wedding related knowledge, not just about weddin...


Do people still value high quality wedding photography by professionals? Choosing your wedding photographer

07/08/2013 / Wedding Planning

I usually start my mornings in the office in the same way, with a large coffee and a catch up on social media. This morning Tom picked up on a blog post that had been posted on Find a Wedding Photogra...