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Sarah & Anthony – Pre Wedding Shoot up on Therfield Heath Royston

A pre wedding shoot up on Therfield Heath in Hertfordshire is glorious, but so dependent on the weather. Thankfully Mother Nature was on our side for Sarah and Anthony’s pre wedding shoot and boy did she come through. The sun shone beautifully through the trees as we walked with Sarah and Anthony to relax a few nerves, but then it was time for fun in the sunshine. We had to remind ourselves this was work!

We’re so looking forward to Sarah and Anthony’s big day today which we’re sure is going to be really relaxed and lots of fun if this shoot is anything to go by!


[Respect the land! Whenever you see images of couples in fields on our site, we’ve always stuck to pre-existing paths and tyre tracks.]


Pre Wedding Shoot Therfield Heath in Royston Hertfordshire by Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom


Matt & Hayley – Pre Wedding Shoot with a Sausage Dog – Dachshund

Shooting for Matt at Hayley this month is going to be a real privilege not to mention a lot of fun.  Hayley and I (Lina) have history, a fair few years back we worked together, right when we were on the cusp of our respective personal businesses kicking off full time, Hayley being co-owner of the highly regarded and award-winning beauty salon, English Rose Beauty House.  So we’re so happy to be part of what we know is going to be a fab day, and we took an opportunity to catch up with Matt and Hayley as they walked their gorgeously characterful Dachshund Stanley. As is common when we have a cute doggy on a shoot, we make no apologies for how many shots of him there are!

These two have so much fun together and we know the wedding in the beautiful Cotswold countryside will be no exception, woop!


Pre Wedding Shoot Dachshund matt_hayley_blog_2 matt_hayley_blog_3


Polly & Adam’s Summer Tipi Wedding in Cambridgeshire

There is a certain quaint quality to a tipi on a green, and on Polly and Adam’s relaxed and happy wedding day the tipi looked fantastic in the sunshine on the grass by Horningsea Pavillion in Cambridgeshire. We loved the details at this wedding which complimented the tipi – and wish we had thought of the fantastic teatowel wedding invite! Our favourite caterers Puddini provided a deliciously tasty meal of gourmet burgers and cheesecake which was perfect alongside a beer, and as the night cooled the fires were lit the marshmallows came out. Look no further for if you want inspiration for a English country fete tipi wedding and swoon at the romance of it all… Credits at the end…

cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-2 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-3 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-4 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-5 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-6 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-7 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-8 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-9 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-10 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-11 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-12 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-17 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-18 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-13 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-14 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-15 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-16 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-19 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-20 cambridge-summer-tipi-wedding-21


Dress: Dress –Stella York 6052 – purchased from Fleur De Lys, Saffron Walden. Shoes – Russell and Bromley
Jewelley: A necklace Adam brought me 15 years ago.
Make-up & Hair: Mac Cambridge for makeup and Ella at Maluku Hair Cambridge
Bridesmaids: No. 1 Jenny Packham at Debenhams
Mother of the Bride outfit: Jacques Vert at Debenhams
Groom – Hugo Boss, Groomsmen: Ted Baker at Moss Bros
Flowers: Clare Robinson – Cambridge Floral Designer
Cake: Cambridge Cookie Co
Rings: Engagement Ring – Bespoke at Harriet Kelsall, Wedding bands – Goldsmiths, Cambridge
Favours: Donation to Arthur Rank Hospice Cambridge in memory of Grandparents
Catering: Puddini
Tipi: Tentario
Band: Festival Nights Band (Folk) via Tailored Entertainment. Ceremony/Drinks Guitarist: Adrian Kerr
First dance song: Passenger – The One You Love
Wedding invites were printed on tea towels: designed by Artillery Design and printed by Hand Print


Cambridge Summer Tipi Wedding by Lina and Tom


Ruth & Danny Cambridge Punting Pre Wedding Shoot

We’ve shot some fun punting pre wedding shoots in the past, but Ruth and Danny’s had a twist, this time our very own Tom was the initial chauffeur. We tried something different, he punted so that we could give Ruth and Danny a go at ‘driving’, and what a hilarious decision that was! As well as the happy couple cuddling up in the punt, we saw them both try their hand at punting for the first time, with varying results, as we think the punt Danny hit would agree! No one ended up with damp feet though, so we were able to have a short stroll around Senate Passage, a beautiful part of the city, where they continued to make each other giggle, lovely stuff.

Cambridge punting pre wedding shoot ruth_danny_punting_-blog_2 ruth_danny_punting_-blog_3 ruth_danny_punting_-blog_4 ruth_danny_punting_-blog_5 ruth_danny_punting_-blog_6

Camrbidge Punting Pre Wedding Shoot by Cambridge Wedding Photographer Lina and Tom


Stacey & Gaz’s Winter Sunset Pre Wedding Shoot

This Cambridgeshire pre wedding shoot with Stacey and Gaz gives all the feels – a gorgeous winter sunset and two of the most gorgeous doggies you have seen. A stroll around the nature reserve in Fen Drayton provided a gorgeous backdrop, and we are so happy to finally shoot what we are sure will be a fab wedding day for Stacey and Gaz tomorrow!


Cambridgeshire Pre Wedding Shoot Cambridgeshire Pre Wedding Shoot Cambridgeshire Pre Wedding Shoot


Rose & Adam’s Wandlebury Park Pre Wedding Shoot

Rose and Adam wanted a relaxed walk in the park pre wedding shoot, and Wandlebury Park on the outskirts of Cambridge is perfect for this type of shoot, but also as it means we can meet at the Gog Magog Cafe which has awesome sausage rolls and cake, win!

It was a gloomy day so the woodland had a moody atmosphere, but then we found light between the trees and beyond as these two enjoyed a stroll in each others company, finishing out in the open. Both are blessed with beaming styles – they beamed at us lots, which was lovely!

We’re very much looking forward to what we’re sure will be a relaxed but fun wedding with them at the gorgeous Granary Barns, and here’s their shoot in the meantime to enjoy!

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot

Wandlebury Pre Wedding Shoot by Cambridge Wedding Photographer Lina and Tom



Anna & Justin’s RSPB Sandy Pre Wedding Shoot – The Lodge

We were thrilled to return to RSPB Sandy The Lodge with Anna and Justin for their pre wedding shoot, as they told us some of their first dates were walks around this gorgeous reserve.  Having had to reschedule once because of the showery weather, we decided to go for the shoot on what we thought *might* be a clear afternoon before beating the showers. What we ended up with was a storm brewing, giving us some amazing skies – some of these images look like they could be the amazon jungle! When the rains came, earlier than expected, there was only one thing for it, to dance in the rain! Given we’re in the middle of a headwave now, we think their wedding tomorrow will be more Some Like it Hot rather than Singing in the Rain!

RSPB Sandy pre-wedding shoot RSPB Sandy pre-wedding shoot RSPB Sandy pre-wedding shoot RSPB Sandy pre-wedding shoot RSPB Sandy pre-wedding shoot

RSPB Sandy pre wedding shoot by Lina and Tom


Becky & Charlie’s Cambridge Pre Wedding Shoot in Wandlebury

Ahead of Becky and Charlie’s wedding this weekend, we are revisiting their gorgeously autumnal pre-wedding shoot around Wandlebury in Cambridge. The colours in this shoot are just glorious, added to by Becy’s excellent choice of scarf, and it was a lovely day for a walk through the fallen leaves. October/November is such a great month for pre wedding shoots, the trees are glorious and life seems a little less hectic for all of us. We love the relaxed nature of this shoot, and we look forward to more great big smiles from these two at their Cambridge college wedding.

Becky_Charlie_Woodland_Shoot_1 Woodland Pre Wedding Shoot Woodland Pre Wedding Shoot

Cambridge pre wedding shoot by Cambridge Wedding Photographer Lina and Tom


Danielle & Simon’s Fun Royston Heath Pre Wedding Shoot

Danielle and Simon found us after we’d been featured on wedding blog Rock My Wedding, and as soon as we met them we knew they’d be lots of fun, and hearing their plans for their South Farm wedding, we know we’ll not be disappointed. We also had great fun with them on their pre wedding shoot: a stroll around Royston Heath on a stunning if blustery evening! These two laugh and laugh in each other’s company, which is so great to see and be around.

Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0001 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0003 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0004 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0006-2 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0007 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0008 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0010 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0012 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0013 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0014 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0016 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0019 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0020 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0023 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0024 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0029Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0028  Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0030 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0032 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0036 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0033 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0039  Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0043 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0044 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0045 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0046 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0048 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0049 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0051 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0052 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0053 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0054 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0056 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0057Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0058  Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0059 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0060 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0061 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0062 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0063 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0064 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0065  Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0067 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0070Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0069  Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0072 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0073 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0076 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0078 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0079 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0080 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0082 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0084 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0085 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0088 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0087 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0089 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0090 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0091 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0095 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0096 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0097 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0098 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0099 Danielle and Simon - Pre-Shoot - 0100 Royston Heath Pre Wedding Shoot

Royston Heath Pre Wedding Shoot By Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Lina and Tom


Kyly & Nick’s Fun Filled Pre Wedding Photo Shoot with their Gorgeous Sons

Kyly and Nick have two gorgeous young boys who clearly are their world, so there was no question that they would join us on their parent’s pre-wedding shoot. Thanks to Kyly and Nick being super fun folks, this was the ultimate pre wedding family shoot mash up on a gorgeously sunny afternoon and we had a blast. Tom even got himself a new apprentice 😉

Cambridge family shoot Cambridge family shoot Cambridge pre wedding family shoot Cambridge pre wedding shoot Cambridge pre wedding shoot Cambridge pre wedding shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot Cambridge Wedding Photographers Lina and Tom – Cambridge Family Photography