Author: Lina Orsino-Allen

Stef & Jack’s Lakes Pre Wedding Shoot

30/09/2016 / Pre Wedding Shoot

Throughout the summer our pre wedding shoots get later and later in the day, in the hope of the sort of stunning evening light across the water that Stef and Jack were blessed with when we headed to S...


Laura & Lewis – Sunny Hertfordshire Wedding – Lina and Tom

29/09/2016 / Wedding Photography

We clicked with Laura and Lewis instantly when we met them, and after a fantastic Brighton pre wedding shoot with them we were so excited for their Hertfordshire wedding at the Tythe Barn at Tewin Bur...


A Winter Sunset Pre Wedding Shoot

22/09/2016 / Wedding Photography

This Cambridgeshire pre wedding shoot with Stacey and Gareth gives all the feels - a gorgeous winter sunset and two of the most gorgeous doggies you have seen. (Fact, we now want a Samoyed.) We went ...


A San Francisco Pre Wedding Shoot | Destination Wedding Photography

26/08/2016 / Wedding Photography

We're at our happiest when we are travelling for our couples, and we had an amazing opportunity to provide San Francisco pre wedding photography for Pippa and Marty, thanks to perfect timing of our tr...


Claire & Stuart’s Disco High Rocks Wedding Photography

18/08/2016 / Wedding Photography

We are very lucky when it comes to our couples, in the sense that we seem to attract super people who could have easily been our friends for years, and Claire and [disco] Stu are no exception. O...


Claire & Will’s Awesome Beach Pre Wedding Shoot Frinton-on-Sea

08/07/2016 / Pre Wedding Shoot

Claire and Will's beach pre wedding shoot date fell in that gorgeous period in early June where we had stunning sunshine - remember then? I think it was called our summer... Anyway we were delighted t...


Anneka & Olie’s Greenwich Park Pre Wedding Shoot at Sunset

29/06/2016 / Pre Wedding Shoot

Mother Nature came through for us again on the afternoon of Anneka and Olie's Greenwich Park  pre wedding shoot. It was a glorious day (remember those!) and we knew the sunset would be stunning. Lina ...


Another Fearless Award at Lina and Tom HQ!

15/06/2016 / Awards

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer today is the community we get to be part of, we encounter very little competitiveness these days but rather a desire to share, inspire and en...


A Southwold Pre Wedding Shoot with Neville the Pug

08/06/2016 / Pre Wedding Shoot

Southwold is just the most adorable little beach town. We love the little lanes and shops, it's a shame we only ever get to visit on shoots for the day.  Although it does mean we get to stop by the go...


Emma & David: Born to Run Springsteen Inspired Wedding Invitation

04/06/2016 / Creative

Many of you know we love a photographic challenge and Emma and David are huge Bruce Springsteen fans who wanted to create a wedding invite which reflected this. One afternoon we got together to have a...