Author: Lina Orsino-Allen

Green List: Why Vibrant Portugal is the Perfect Location for your Beautiful Sun-Kissed Destination Wedding

27/05/2021 / Wedding Photography

Since posting this blog, Portugal has gone back onto the amber list ( Booo! ) but we're leaving this post here as we still think it contains lots of great wedding planning tips for your Portu...


5 Amazing Ibiza Wedding Venues for Stunning Sunset Views

25/08/2020 / Destination Weddings

Experience the magic of sunset for your wedding in Ibiza You're searching Ibiza wedding venues - exciting! If you're reading this, you've likely been to Ibiza. You've probably basked in th...


Ireland wedding photography | Beach vibes in Donegal

08/05/2020 / Destination Weddings

Today we're looking back at one of our favourite May weddings ever that has bought us much joy over the years. Jo and Tom got in touch wanting us to shoot their Ireland wedding photography after seei...


Your weddings and Coronavirus | How your suppliers are affected

12/03/2020 / Wedding Photography

WEDDINGS AND CORONAVIRUS - AN UPDATE: 19.03.2020 Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch, whether to show support and solidarity, or to share how they are feeling if this post about weddin...


Santorini Wedding Photographer | Tori + Ben’s Greek adventure

05/02/2020 / Destination Weddings

Receiving an enquiry is always very exciting for wedding photographers. Receiving an enquiry from someone who was a guest at a wedding you photographed is always a huge compliment and also, very exci...


Ever After Devon Wedding Photography | Alex + Matt

26/09/2019 / Wedding Photography

Alex and Matt found us by having a bridesmaid in common with another of our couples, and we are forever grateful to the lovely Danielle for recommending us. Alex and Matt searched high and low across...


10 Years of Lina and Tom Wedding Photography | Couple’s Favourites Part 2

13/08/2019 / Wedding Photography

After a super response to our first blog post asking couples from our first 5 years as experienced wedding photographers what their favourite images were then and now, in this second part we look at t...


Ten years of Lina & Tom | 10 top tips for your wedding planning

17/07/2019 / Wedding Planning

Why are we qualified to give you 10 top tips for your wedding planning? On July 4th we celebrated 10 years since our first wedding as the official photographer. Over those ten years, we have seen tren...


10 Creative Twists on Wedding Traditions – So You Can Be You!

15/05/2019 / Wedding Planning

You know us, we are 100% when it comes to encouraging you to eschew the standard wedding traditions and do things your way - it always makes for the most interesting weddings! Today on the blog we we...


Fun at the Fearless Photographers Conference 2018 in Split Croatia with Lina on stage!

28/03/2019 / Wedding Expert

As I write this, we should be in Germany at the 2019 edition of the Fearless Photographers European conference in Aachen. Alas we're not, and I'll come back to that shortly. Porto The Fearless commun...