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5 ways to choose your dream destination wedding location

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A dream destination wedding location

You’ve got engaged, and you’re starting to plan your dream destination wedding, woohoo! You’ve talked it through and made the decision not to go local, so you’re planning a wedding abroad. Yet it’s a big wide world out there, so how on earth do you choose the right location?

Chances are you’ll already have some thoughts on a possible destination wedding location; maybe it’s the place where you met or the location of your first holiday together. Maybe you had a vacation proposal and are thinking of returning for the big day? Even if you have already chosen the ideal country, here are 5 things to consider as to whether the location is the right one for your dream destination wedding.

Maldives destination wedding location

1. Transport links

You may dream of that remote mountain top location to say I do, but if you’re planning to have additional guests rather than an elopement, is it actually easy to get to? Your guests may not appreciate having to get three planes and a speedboat to your destination wedding location, no matter how beautiful a place.

Look for lots of connections via a hub airport, especially if you are going to have guests arriving from all over the world. You’re inviting them because chances are they mean a lot to you, so don’t stress them out before they even arrive.

London Gay Destination Wedding Photographer The Ned LinaandTomPhoto.

2. Are there possibilities for excursions or activities?

When planning a destination wedding, you’ll likely see guests plan their own vacations around your wedding day. It’s worth considering a destination wedding location which allows them to enjoy other things such as sightseeing or water sports. Your friend with three teenage children might not appreciate the remote jungle location with nothing else to do after the wedding day. Yes we know it’s your day, but if you’re asking them to travel hundreds of miles and take a few days off work, it’s good to be considerate to it being a great experience for them too.

3. Is your destination wedding location family friendly?

So immediate caveat to this one, it does not have to be family friendly dependent on your guest list! If your wedding is going to be an adults only liquor-filled celebration, then you can skip this step. But if you’re hosting a destination wedding with a range of ages and families, you may want to choose your location in a place that is comfortable for everyone. That back-street beach club in San Antonio Ibiza might have fun memories for you, but would families with kids be comfortable with staggering pill-popping revellers hanging around the doorstep? Referring back to point 2, thinking about whether there is enough for families to do in the area is worth considering.

4. Planning a post-wedding pool party?

If you know you want to have a multi-day destination wedding celebration, then considering your location’s potential for each day is a must. First of all, if you’re a party couple you’ll want to check if you can dance all night. Some locations might have an early curfew for music off due to the location, do you want to be tucked up in bed at 12 or see the sunrise? Do you want a hangover pool party the next day? Or an elegant al fresco brunch (Italian locations are fab for this, see this previous post)? All these options need to be considered with your choice of destination wedding location so you don’t have your good vibes ruined later.

5. Choose a destination wedding location that makes your heart flutter

So all the above considered, it is most important for you to choose a location that makes you dance with excitement and your heart flutter. So you do want that super remote location? Maybe an elopement is for you with a party back home. Know you want your bestie and her twin toddlers by your side? Considering her needs as well as yours will make sure you have the best day as it’s so important to you. Decide on the non-negotiables as a starting point for your search, and don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a destination wedding planner to get a shortlist together for you in certain locations. Then book that viewing trip and and make sure you enjoy the process of planning your destination wedding!

(oh, and then bring us with you!)

Destination wedding photographers Lina and Tom – see this post as a tiktok here!

choose your destination wedding location
choose your destination wedding location



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